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[09 Dec 2004|12:07am]
This comm is about to bounce off the face of the Earth, so I figured I'd do us all a favor and update before we forgot about it.

First off. I just wanted to ask if anyone knew of any ways to recruit new people. Because we need 'em.

Second of all. I have more updates to make to characters. One actor change, a couple intro entries and an update entry. So, I'll have that done A.S.A.P. And then I'll finish the info page.

If anyone needs anything, let me know, eh?

this may take awhile.

[22 Nov 2004|03:24am]

Name: Dominic McDonald
Nickname: Dom, Nic, Mac, Coach
Birthdate: September 24th, 1970
Hometown: Austin, TX
Position: Coach
Height: 6'1
Weight: 195
Pre-Winnipeg: Pitched for the Arizona Diamondbacks, 1995-2001, hurt his wrist just before the 2002 season. Pitched for the New York Yankees for the 1994 season, but was traded to Arizona in 1994. Pitched for Yale from 1988-1992.
Years with Winnipeg: One
Coaching Type: Dom is the kind of coach who gets along with all of his players. He knows a team can only be good if their coach is good, and if they're comfortable, so he tries to be as open minded as he can.
Marital Status/Orientation: Just divorced / closet gay
Personal: Friendly, easy to talk to, open minded, intelligent, likes to build things, art fanatic.
Brief History: Dom has loved baseball since before he could remember. His father encouraged him, but his mother would have preferred he focus on more 'intellectual things.' But, eventually, he satisfied both of his parents, and himself, by balancing the two and playing baseball in Yale. While in Yale, he met who he thought to be the love of his life, Sara MacIntyre, but after years together, he realized that maybe, he wasn't as happy with Sara as he thought he was...
Played By: Mark C. Collier
Picture/Website: Blind sight.
this may take awhile.

[15 Nov 2004|01:33am]
[Note: If anyone thinks this is a bit over-the-top, let me know, eh?]

"No, mom...everything's fine. Yes, mom. I go in for my fitting today..." DJ answered his mother's questions in a semi-monotone voice. It was the same thing, every time he started in a new place.Collapse )
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[14 Nov 2004|08:31pm]
Name: Jassen N. Phoenix
Nickname: Nix
Birthdate: April 9th, 1982
Hometown: Greenwich Village / NYC
Position: Public Relations / Broadcaster
Height: 5'10"
Weight: ...
Pre-Winnipeg: Student at New York University, interned with the Associated Press, decided to go the baseball route.
Years with Winnipeg: First
Marital Status/Orientation: Single / Openly bisexual
Personal: Musician, writer, huge baseball fan, friendly, metrosexual
Brief History: Grew up in NYC, spent a lot of time at Yankee Stadium growing up when his dad was playing for them in the early nineties.
Played By: Sean Lennon
Picture/Website: ImagesCollapse )
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[14 Nov 2004|06:25pm]
[OOC note: my player pages are now up]

superhero - christian mueller

never going back - davin cullen
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My character [11 Nov 2004|06:34pm]

[ mood | creative ]

Name: Jonathan James Alexander
Nickname: Jonny, JJ
Number: 22
Birthdate: December 22nd, 1978
Hometown: Denver, Colorado
Position: Relief Pitcher
Height: 6'2"
Weight: 185 lbs
Pre-Winnipeg: Acquired from South Bend Silver Hawks (Arizona Diamondbacks' A team)
Years with Winnipeg: First year
Player Type: Scrappy, well-focused, knows how to deal with tough situations...handles mental toughness well
Marital Status/Orientation: Single, loves the ladies, yet keeps his mind on the game
Personal: Outgoing, fun-loving on the outside; serious-minded, intellectual on the inside
Brief History: Jonathan, son of Marty and Laura Alexander of Denver, Colorado...only child...played Little League baseball during the summers and 4 years of baseball at South High School in Denver...was his graduating class valedictorian
Played By: Topher Grace (edit: character changes made)
Picture/Website: Jonathan James Alexander...as played by Topher GraceCollapse )

All dressed upCollapse )

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New characters coming soon [11 Nov 2004|03:50pm]

[ mood | calm ]

I just joined the group and will create my characters very soon.

this may take awhile.

Yay for semi-boring mod!stuff... [11 Nov 2004|06:17pm]

I did a little mod-stuff, I hope you don't mind, Danni. I put a current player list in the profile, and I'll keep up with it as new players are added. I also made a new character, updated my current players' stats and am in the process of making webpages for all my characters. Busy mod-like week for me. If you don't like any of my changes, Danni, let me know, eh?

this may take awhile.

[11 Nov 2004|02:28pm]
Name: Shain Morrow
Nickname: Shain, Shainy, Morrow.
Number: 25
Birthdate: October 20th, 1981
Hometown: Porthmouth, NH.
Position: Shortstop
Height: 6'1
Weight: 190lbs
Pre-Winnipeg: New Hampshire Fisher Cats
Years with Winnipeg: This is his first
Player Type: Normally focussed, sometimes lets his emotions come onto the field with him, has a lot to prove.
Marital Status/Orientation: Single, 'if I'm interested in you, you'll know it.'
Personal: On the exterior, Shain is goofy, fun and a constant comic relief. On the inside, though, his depth is unparalelled.
Brief History: Shain Morrow, the second son (middle child of five) and only adopted child, of two world-travelling business-people, Mark and Leslie Morrow, grew up loving baseball more than anything else. He and his sister, Kaitlyn didn't have much in common, but while watching baseball games together, they bonded, and their relationship strengthened, to the point that Shain was devastated when Kaitlyn moved to Winnipeg. Once she left, he couldn't pay the rent by himself, so he moved back to Portsmouth with his parents, and played on the Fisher Cats. He had talent, and was the star player on the Cats for almost the entire time he was there, and when he got the call from Kaitlyn, that she'd finally convinced the coach to give him a tryout, he was ecstatic, and packed his bags right away, confident that he'd make it. And he was right.
Played By: AJ Lamas.
Picture/Website: I Don't Wanna Be.
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[09 Nov 2004|01:46am]
"Ah, I love the smell of leather in the morning. Smells like...baseball season..." Kaitlyn joked to herself as she went over her checklist, making sure one last time that everything was ready.Collapse )
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[09 Nov 2004|12:44am]
Name: Christian Adam Mueller (MEW-LER)
Nickname: Chris, Cam
Number: 26
Birthdate: January 23rd, 1974
Hometown: Cleveland, OH
Position: 1B
Height: 6'4"
Weight: 210lbs
Pre-Winnipeg: University of Florida, 1992-1996, 1996-97 Florida Marlins, 1998-present Tampa Bay D-Rays
Years with Winnipeg: First
Player Type: Has a lot of heart but is distracted easily by his environment. Tries not to let it get to him but it does. Is not a consistent hitter.
Marital Status/Orientation: Married / Always curious
Personal: Outgoing, loud, rowdy southern boy, doesn't care much about anyone else
Brief History: Was married in Fall 1996 to Meredith, has 3 kids, daughters Mackenzie (1998) and Selena (2002), son Brady (1999)
Played By: Doug Mientkiewicz
Picture/Website: superhero
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[09 Nov 2004|12:31am]
Name: Davin Michael Cullen
Nickname: Cully. Call him Dave or Davey, expect the death glare.
Number: 12
Birthdate: August 23rd, 1977
Hometown: Penticton, BC
Position: Utility
Height: 6'1"
Weight: 205lbs
Pre-Winnipeg: University of British Columbia 1995-1999. Drafted by Cincinnati Reds in 1996, played for Louisville (AAA) from 1999-2002, made the big leagues in 2002. There until a trade to Winnipeg.
Years with Winnipeg: Spent half of last season after a trade
Player Type: Has a lot of heart but is distracted easily by his environment. Tries not to let it get to him but it does. Is not a consistent hitter.
Marital Status/Orientation: Single (recently split up) / "Straight, right?"
Personal: Very social, but a little awkward at first. Covers up his insecurities well. Introverted. Can't trust people.
Brief History: Comes from a very large athletic family, has a brother Tanyon who plays hockey for the University of Prince Edward Island, brother Torrin plays hockey in Germany. Has a cousin in the NHL. Went against the family ritual of hockey, played ball instead. Excelled as a student-athlete throughout high school and college, earned an ego until he made it to the pros in mid-99. Came to a crashing halt in 2001, almost lost everything when he got a DUI.
Played By: Mark Bellhorn
Picture/Website: never going back
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[22 Oct 2004|02:29am]
Name: Damien Jacobs
Nickname: DJ, Deej.
Number: 13
Birthdate: May 31st, 1980
Hometown: Amherstview, Ontario, Canada
Position: Pitcher
Height: 5'11
Weight: 170lbs
Pre-Winnipeg: Bowie Baysox (the Orioles AA team)
Years with Winnipeg: This is his first
Player Type: Focused, pitches fast, least allowed hits of all Bowie pitchers.
Marital Status/Orientation: Single, he's not quite sure.
Personal: Enigmatic, smart, sensitive, extrovert. But that's only on the outside.
Brief History: DJ Jacobs was a childhood baseball prodigy. Nothing else to it. He was playing baseball from the moment he could stand up straight. And it made him happy. Sure, DJ was always happy enough. Everyone that he meets always notes that he's wearing a huge smile, and can always talk to anyone, no matter the circumstance. But even the happiest of people have their skeletons in the closet. And DJ's is one of the worst.
Played By: Eric Szmanda.
Picture/Website: Play on the safe side.
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[22 Oct 2004|02:28am]
Name: Kaitlyn Morrow
Nickname: Kait, Katie, Kay, K, Lyn.
Number: N/A
Birthdate: December 05th, 1982
Hometown: Portsmouth, NH.
Position: Equipment Manager
Height: 5'6
Weight: 120lbs
Pre-Winnipeg: Equipment manager for the Portland Sea-Dogs
Years with Winnipeg: 2
Player Type: N/A
Marital Status/Orientation: Single, bisexual
Personal: Secretive, smart, sometimes a little bit of a seductress.
Brief History: Kaitlyn Morrow, the third daughter (fifth and youngest child, all together) of two world-travelling business-people, Mark and Leslie Morrow, grew up loving baseball more than anything else. She loved the game, the heart that it took, the kinship of a team...it just amazed her. Once she turned eighteen, she and her brother, Shain, moved to Boston and basically lived at Fenway Park, being two of the Fenway faithful since before they could remember. Then, once she turned twenty, she got a job offer as equipment manager for Winnipeg, and she left Boston, Fenway Park and Red Sox nation for Winnipeg. And it took her two years to convince the coach to give her brother, Shain, a spot on the team.
Played By: Jessica Dunphy
Picture/Website: Always buzzing.
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